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Delivering the goods - Payseur Parcel Service, USA

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Payseur Parcel Service ran a pilot test through Atmos-Clear USA's approved distributor Carbontek, on a semi-tractor vehicle for FedEx Linehaul, and monitored the results over a 4/5 month period.

“We became interested in the EXO product and decided to test it on one of our ‘tractors’ and monitor the results over a 4 to 5 month period. After performing their hydrogen service and installing the Atmos Clear unit, the results showed that our tractor went from doing 5.9 miles per gallon to 6.4 miles per gallon. More importantly we notice the carbon level was at zero and we have not had any after treatment issue since we started running the CarbonTek Atmos-Clear program.

“Our trucks went from doing 5.9mpg to 6.4mpg in about 2 months. More importantly we notice the carbon level was at zero”

We run most of our equipment 6 days a week and incur a tremendous amount of idle time. So, the CarbonTek Atmos Clear program saved us a lot of money and down time on the road. So much that we have started recommending EXO to other FedEx contractors and we are in the process of expanding the service to our entire fleet.

Greg Payseur / Owner / Payseur Parcel Service, Inc Contractor for Fed Ex Line Haul

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