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Driving hard for approval

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

We would without hesitation, recommend the EXO from a technical point of view, and have done so at government levels which has resulted in approval for installation into taxi (hackney carriage) and private hire vehicle by a number of licensing authorities throughout the UK

David Lawrie, Director, Safe Systems CCTV Ltd


The Atmos-Clear EXO range

EXO devices are fitted to any fossil fuelled engine to reduce emissions by 72%, improve MPG by 10% and aid in engine maintenance - particular carbon related issues. EXO delivers significant and immediate Capex and Opex savings in fuel reductions, operational performance and downtime.

The technology used is electrolysis – where electricity is used to split water into the core elements Hydrogen and Oxygen (H2O).

The gas is then injected into the air intake where it mixes with the air. The resulting ‘gas-mist’ is mixed with the fuel to greatly improves the combustion process – a leaning, cleaner burn, with significant reductions in emissions. The constant cleaning process means the engine torque, efficiency and MPG are improved.

testimonial (Taxi) UK[1]
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