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Newbery Metals leading the way

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Devon’s largest scrap dealer Newbery Metals have decided to make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their vehicles emissions. Devon based Atmos-Clear Ltd are currently busy installing EXO HHO systems on Newbery Metals complete fleet of vehicles.

Newbery metals mission statement is to "reduce pollution to the environment, and to make a difference". This is why installing Atmos-Clear EXO units on Newbery metals fleet vehicles was an all round smart decision, that not only helps the environment but has made other's take notice of the lead that Newbery Metals has taken.

Newbery Metals are already being applauded by their client base for their decision (to fit EXO units), and picking up new contracts because of this initiative!

Further information about Atmos-Clear Ltd EXO Emission Reductions Technology

Contact Shaun Greenslade, EXO Sales Director e:

Further information about Newbery Metals

Newbery Metals is a leading UK metal recycling business, based in the South-West of England. A family owned Company, founded 125 years ago, Newbery Metals operate from 7 locations throughout the south west region.

Email: Tel: 01392 275 377

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